The First Amino Acid Academy

Paris, France 28th and 29th September, 2017

The workshop

The workshop is entitled “Amino Acid Nutrition and Sustainability” and will be an in-depth opportunity to focus on the three pillars of sustainability: economy, society and environmental benefits from the protein and amino acid nutrition perspective.

The Academy will be based on lectures offered by some of the well known researchers in this specific field and will be structured in approximately 3 hour sessions. There will be plenty of time dedicated to questions and answers, giving the speakers and the participants the opportunity to discuss and learn from each other, bringing together scientific and industrial point of views.

We will also host lively discussions to examine any questions and potential solutions.

The sessions will be all dedicated to cutting edge Amino Acid Nutrition and Sustainability:

1. Resources;
2. Biological functions of Amino Acids and Proteins;
3. Solutions and perspectives