The First Amino Acid Academy

Paris, France 28th and 29th September, 2017

Program at a glance


The 1st Amino Acid Academy

September 28th & 29th 2017 – Paris, France
“Amino Acid Nutrition and Sustainability”


Thursday September 28th8h30 / 12h30


h 8.30 Registration and welcome


ECONOMY – Resources | Chairman: Gert Van Duinkerken [CV]

  • The increasing demand of protein source for animal production leads to look for new feedstuffs, to increase our knowledge about their protein and amino acid contents and characterization.
  • During this session we will discuss the economic and nutritional values of protein rich feedstuffs.


h 9.10 Protein resources and dependency
Thomas Guilbaud [CV], CEREOPA (FR)
h 9.50 Alternative feedstuffs & novel protein, introduction to the new INRA-CIRAD-AFZ feed tables
Gilles Tran [CV], AFZ (FR)
h 11.00 Protein nutritional value of feed ingredients and the influence of processing
Paul Bikker [CV], WUR (NL)
h 11.40 Discussion
12.30 – LUNCH


Thursday September 28th14h00 / 18h00


SOCIETY – Biological functions of amino acids and proteins | Chairman: Jaap Van Milgen [CV]

  • The shift to an antibiotic free production system and the increasing use of low protein diets leads to reconsider amino acid nutrition in monogastric animals.
  • How amino acids can contribute to implement new strategies for a better immune status and gut health will be discussed during this session.
  • We will also address the impact of amino acids balance on feed intake, which drives an overall better nutrients intake.


h 14.00 Overview of amino acid nutrition in monogastrics and humans
Paul Moughan [CV], Massey University (NZ)
h 14.40 Intestinal metabolism of amino acids
Malcolm Watford [CV], Rutgers University (USA)
h 15.50 How amino acids may help to support an efficient and protective immune response
Nathalie Le Floc’h [CV], INRA (FR)
h 16.30 Amino acid and feed intake
Gary Schwartz [CV], Albert Einstein College of Medicine (USA)
h 17.10 Discussion
18.00 – END


 Friday September 29th9h00 / 12h30

ENVIRONMENT – Solutions and perspectives | Chairman: Jean-Yves Dourmad [CV]

  • The contribution of nutritional strategies to alleviate the environmental impact of animal production will be discussed.
  • Life cycle assessment, strategy for efficient low protein diets and precision feeding.


h 9.00 Challenge of dietary protein reduction in swine and broilers
Sophie Tesseraud [CV], INRA (FR) / Alfons Jansman [CV], WUR (NL) 
h 9.40 Discussion
h 10.30 Reducing the environmental impact of monogastric livestock production with feed-grade amino acids: a life cycle perspective Florence Garcia Launay [CV], INRA (FR) / Bertrand Méda [CV], INRA (FR)
h 11.10 Precision livestock feeding in swine
Candido Pomar [CV], Agriculture Canada (CA)
h 11.50 Discussion